Benchmark Sustainable Wealth Forum – The Insurance Series

The Benchmark Sustainable Wealth Forum is a knowledge exchange where industry leaders and winners of the Benchmark awards are featured.  The Forum covers the financial eco-system and discovers the inside out of the providers’ practices that lead to a more sustainable industry through responsible and ethical investing in protecting the investors across multiple generations.  The inaugural series covers the Winners at the Benchmark Wealth Management Awards of 2020.   The topics covered in the Insurance series include topics from Product Proposition, Quality of Advice, Client Journey, Digital and Brand Value.   
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The first Benchmark Sustainable Wealth Forum features Michael Ho, President of Chubb Life Hong Kong, leading Chubb Life since 2017 to one of the most preferred providers in Critical Illness and long-term protection products.
Featuring AXA Hong Kong and Macau’s Kevin Chor and Perkin Shek, Benchmark’s Best-in-Class winners of Critical Illness and Savings products, on the increasing demand for Sustainability, digitization of client servicing and managing lifelong protection.
IFA of the Year, AMG Financial Group resumes this title in its 5th year. The Group Chairman and CEO, Arnold Yeung, speaks about his passion for ethical business practices and how their systematic investment approach cares for multiple generations to come.
Emerging player and Outstanding Achiever at the BENCHMARK Wealth Management Awards, Rebecca Tan of Generali Life explains the secrets behind the highest customer ratings in products, client satisfaction, governance, and  sustainability.
AXA‘s corporate culture and values, and principles make them the winner of the Year’s Academy of the Year. Jason Wat and Claudia Hodges from AXA Hong Kong and Macau talk about their unique training programs and the academy design, and what translates as value for the customer.
Virginia Wong and Jenny Chau explain how the emerging brand Tahoe Life engages with the community and why this industry will continue to stay warm and human and how the Outstanding Achiever Critical Illness and Savings products bring customers the best value.
Kevin Chor and Perkin Shek of AXA Hong Kong and Macau explains how the Insurance Company of the Year excels in Best-in-Class awarded VHIS and Healthcare products and how the 5-star customer rating in digital experience plays a crucial role in market expansion.
Andrea  Wong of AXA Hong Kong and Macau explains the benefits of moving away from a product-centric culture to an advice-led engagement approach and how the brand surpassed their competition for client satisfaction using AI to uplift the end-to-end value-chain.

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