CompanyEase Of Use1Overall Sentiment2Utilization3Usage4Customer Overall Rating5Benchmark Veterans Rating6Awards Status 20207
AXA Hong Kong and Macau8.★★★★★★★★★★Digital Project of the Year
Sun Life Hong Kong7.567.617.977.35★★★★★★★★
Generali Life (Hong Kong) Limited7.878.008.177.47★★★★★No Rating
Chubb Life Insurance Company Ltd.7.667.678.037.41★★★★No Rating
FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited7.667.808.047.37★★★★No Rating
HSBC Life (International) Limited7.927.897.967.41★★★★No Rating
Transamerica Life (Bermuda) Ltd7.737.878.057.49★★★★No Rating
YF Life Insurance International Ltd7.727.897.817.36★★★★No Rating
AIA International Limited7.487.617.947.36★★★No Rating
Blue Insurance Limited7.487.917.817.28★★★No Rating
China Life Insurance (Overseas) Company Limited7.587.577.897.39★★★No Rating
Tahoe Life Insurance Company Limited7.357.608.217.43★★★No Rating
BOC Life7.447.537.867.39The RestNo Rating
Bowtie Life Insurance7.307.418.197.44The RestNo Rating
FTLife Insurance Company Limited7.467.487.817.32The RestNo Rating
Hong Kong Life Insurance Limited7.347.657.927.43The RestNo Rating
Manulife (International) Limited7.307.538.027.32The RestNo Rating
Hang Seng Insurance Company Limited7.117.087.787.42The RestNo Rating
Prudential Hong Kong Limited7.077.287.857.26The RestNo Rating

1Ease Of Use
The overall score of ease of use of digital tools includes clients' rating on availability and quality of digital services, as rated by self-claimed clients of insurers, from the BENCHMARK 2019-2020 Insurance Survey.

2Overall Sentiment
Satisfaction of mobile app and web portal, as rated by self-claimed clients of insurers, from the BENCHMARK 2019-2020 Insurance Survey.

Rating of clients' rate of use of mobile app and web portal, based on results from the BENCHMARK 2019-2020 Insurance Survey.

Rating of clients' usage of digital tools includes their digital experience in purchasing products and policies, making claims, account management, and activities before being a client (i.e. browsing products, gathering insurers' background information, on-boarding process), as rated by self-claimed clients of insurers, from the BENCHMARK 2019-2020 Insurance Survey.

5Customer Overall Rating
Aggregated Voice-of-Customers rating of the following scores in digital satisfaction: Ease of Use, Overall Sentiment, Utilisation, and Usage.

6Benchmark Veterans Rating
Overall rating by BENCHMARK's independent industry veteran jurors considering these attributes: objectives & purposes, challenges & obstacles, and final results against internal metrics of the project.

7Awards Status 2020
Awarding of the Best-in-Class and Outstanding Achiever status is based on Voice-of-Customers and veteran jurors' scores, both having a weight of 50%. Insurers who have not voluntarily disclosed or declined to accept an invitation to disclose their practices, are not eligible to win a status.

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