VHIS & Healthcare:

From Policy to Protection for All

“It’s always been in our DNA to protect what matters.”
The Best-in-Class awards in both VHIS and healthcare products are solid proof that AXA genuinely cares. Apart from offering a comprehensive protection policy, what else did they do to ensure the best quality healthcare for the clients and even non-clients? Find out more from AXA’s Chief Life & Health Insurance Officer Kevin Chor and Chief Health and Protection Product Officer Perkin Shek.

Award-winning products: *** Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS) *** Healthcare Product

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“Everybody is a patient now and then…with a more active lifestyle, we believe that they have a much better chance to get through whatever obstacles are put in their way.” In line with AXA’s famous “Payer-to-Partner” strategy, the insurer provides a wide range of healthcare and wellness programs for policyholders to encourage active lifestyles. AXA GOAL is one of them, rewarding policyholders for walking 10,000 steps a day with premium rebates. Other examples include the WiseGuard Pro, a qualified VHIS product with a unique focus on cancer treatment.


“Emma would be one of the top key components to our health strategy going forward.” AXA GOAL is delivered through Emma, the brand’s signature digital app. It is an all-in-one insurance claim & health service portal. AXA is one of the first insurers in Hong Kong to establish an in-house online to offline practice. The service helps them steer potential consumers to meet with adequately knowledgeable advisors in healthcare and then convert those into business. Emma is available to both existing clients and non-customers who are interested in acquiring health knowledge. As we advance, the brand hopes to bring Emma to even more citizens of Hong Kong.


“…one of the things that we are even more proud of is after we have done this, then many more insurers follow. So, we as a whole, the industry can give more protection to our fellow citizens.” AXA is the first insurer to provide free vaccine complication protection for all Hong Kong citizens, following their pioneering free coverage for COVID patients and the Hospital Authority.

This episode is hosted by Elsa Pau, CEO of WealthAsia Group, with her co-host Michael Lamb, Marketing Director of CCW Global Limited.

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