About WealthAsia

WealthAsia Media is a profit-for-purpose organization – a purpose-driven organization with a mission to drive best practices in the finance community by emphasizing social responsibility and advocating for the protection of investors. Our business model focuses on industry benchmarking, assessment, and ranking to help financial institutions improve. We achieve our goals by implementing a series of stringent and rigorous awards in Asset Management (17 years), Wealth Management (11 years), and Private Wealth Management (2 years), an intelligence exchange platform, publishing of a series of Industry Gap Analysis Reports, and the most recent innovation, a disruptive fund research platform – BlueOnion,  featuring 14 countries with over 170,000 funds covering sustainability data for over 60,000 strategies.

WealthAsia Model

More than 100 highly respected jurors who are experts in their respective fields are committed to safeguarding them.

Besides running core financial service forums, WealthAsia is the organizer of the Women Extraordinaire Forum, a program that seeks to empower women in Asia to unleash their potential; the Sustainable Family Office Forum, a program that drives families to focus on prudent investing through ESG and impactful giving; and the inaugural BENCHMARK Wealth and Asset Management Forum (2019). Moreover, WealthAsia is the publisher of a 22-year-old flagship magazine, BENCHMARK, and the organizer of a series of investor education forums.

WealthAsia lives by the motto, “Live a life you love with prudent investing, responsible spending, and impactful giving!”


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