Featuring the Winners at the
Benchmark Sustainable Wealth Forum

Join our CEO, Elsa Pau, in the upcoming episodes at the Benchmark Sustainable Wealth Forum beginning March 29, featuring industry thought leaders and winners at the Benchmark Wealth Management Awards. Don’t miss it!!!!! 
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The highly anticipated 2021 Benchmark Wealth Management Awards - Entry Opens in May 2021

Watch Announcement Below

Congratulations to the Winners of 2020!

In its 11th year, the BENCHMARK Wealth Management Awards is the wealth management industry’s crown jewel. Winning the Grand title means that the winner has the highest overall ratings in Benchmark’s 22 qualitative and 54 metrics, where companies are assessed against by 2,094 Hong Kong and Mainland Visiting Customers’. The 5-star rating scale assesses the Voice of the Customers’ (VOC) sentiment towards the companies’ quality in brand, client services, governance, and digital experience on a 5-star rating scale and has earned the most support from the Judging Committee.  Click here to learn more about the methodology.

Our insightful survey that focuses on unearthing and understanding how customers engage with the contestants in the key award areas of Brand Strength, Strength of Governance, Product Propositions, Digital Satisfaction, and Client Journey and Experience.