Sustainability Awards

In an industry managing trillions of dollars, investment managers’ decisions directly and indirectly affect countless lives, the environment and the overall fabric of life every day. The purpose of the Sustainability Award is to assess fund managers’ ability to manage medium- to long-term environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities. 

This year, in response to the overwhelming demand of the focus on ESG and responsible investing, and finally seeing ESG becoming mainstream as a selection criteria for material impact and investment consequences, Benchmark has decided to spin this category off as a standalone category that welcomes all sectors to participate, whether you are an active or passive manager. 

We are also introducing, for the first time, the Top Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and Global Compact (GC) Performing Funds, plus a recognition of funds that are integrating the most Paris-Agreement temperature aligned companies – the Temperature Alignment Award.  From this year onward, Benchmark will also be recognizing the funds that have made the most significant improvements on ESG, GC and temperature scores based on a Year-on-Year basis.  

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