What’s New for 2020

To better align with Blue Onion categorization, we have made some refinements for the Mutual Fund House Awards in 2020. Different asset class will now have more detailed classification and much boarder coverage. The number of categories offered in 2020 has been increased to 55. Please see the categories offered for 2020 HERE.

Apart from additional categories that most reflect the current market condition, we have:

  1. spun off the Sustainability Categories to make it available for pitching by Mutual Fund houses
  2. offered two new sub-sets for Top Sustainable Funds and Top Sustainable ETF Funds under the Sustainability broad category in order to recognize the top 1% to 3% of peer group ranking funds in ESG, Global Compact (GC) and Temperature alignment
  3. added a new Stewardship award and have refined other sustainability categories to reflect a more updated demand and expectations on ESG and responsible investing
  4. refined the Top Performance Funds to reflect a more robust risk-adjusted perspective
  5. offered a new assessment platform for the jurors (see below), the BlueOnion fund research portal that allows the jurors to compare the candidates against peers in 14 countries and over 170,000 funds with over 65,000 funds with sustainability data including ESG, GC, Temperature and Business Involvement

Qualitative performance side-by-side

BlueOnion’s QL tool recognizes the increasing demand for qualitative data that is transparent and typically not available in any quantitative network. The tool leverages millions of data by reporting local, regional, and global fund houses and combining 41 Qualitative metrics with 189 attributes derived from over 530 inputs of the five key Pillars: Investment Performance, Portfolio Management, Risk, and Performance, Stewardship and Corporate Quality. Benchmark’s rules-based methodology is driven by the underlying inputs focused around the funds’ stewardship, investment practices, risk management, and portfolio integrity, with a scoring system of -5 to 5


Robust sustainability data research

BlueOnion, the company’s digital arm for fund research, brings the jurors a stronger sustainability framework to reflect the capability of the managers towards investees divestment/investment criteria based on ESG material consequences, the ultimate ESG and Global Compact (GC) scoring and ranking globally and against their peers, and their alignment of Temperature Score to the Paris Agreement on its goal is to keep the increase in global average temperature to well below 2 °C above pre-industrial levels; and to pursue efforts to limit the increase to 1.5 °C, recognizing that this would substantially reduce the risks and impacts of climate change.

BlueOnion works with partners who are best in their fields, to combine over 250 ESG metrics from 30,000 sources in over 170 countries to cover 7,000+ companies representing 85%+ global market caps. Using in-depth knowledge about these securities at the company level, the fund level scores are designed to offer a bottom-line view for the investors to measure the sustainability performance of a strategy at the aggregated level. There 22 ESG features, 4 GC categories, and Temperature score through 5 indicators plus the 11 types of Business Involvement.

To learn how to list your funds on BlueOnion and get in front of our gatekeepers, or book a demo, contact the following parties:

Hong Kong:                                                           Chris.Hay@wealthasia.net

Taiwan and Mainland China:                           Conan.Sun@wealthasia.net

Singapore:                                                             Chris.Lawless@wealthasia.net

To apply for access to BlueOnion:                  Cheyne.Reid@wealthasia.net    

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