The Gatekeepers’ Forum

A Face-to-Face with Jurors

The Gatekeepers Forum

What is The Gatekeeper’s Forum (TGF)?

Upon registering, you will be invited to attend The Gatekeepers’ Forum (TGF) to be held in mid- to late-October 2020. We endeavor to hold one Forum in Hong Kong and one in Singapore to the best of our efforts, which ultimately depends on the development of the current COVID-19 situation. 

TGF is a closed-door session in which a panel of six to eight jurors holds a two-way conversation with your portfolio manager. We welcome video conferences with PMs who are not in Hong Kong or Singapore and are in a different time zone.

The Forum has two objectives: first, it gives the contestants’ CIO or portfolio manager an opportunity to personally showcase their capability and to answer questions from the panel. Second, the Forum enables our judges to see the entries from multiple perspectives, which tend to emerge as their peers from a range of institutions ask questions.

Participants who present at TGF receive Level III scoring points. Each judge has up to 10 points to allocate to each participant. 

The agenda for the Forum will be released in September, along with specific guidelines.

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